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Ultra Hydrophilic Film Bathroom cover.JPG

Ultra Hydrophilic Film
for glass windows and mirrors

Defog your life with our popular Ultra Hydrophilic glass mirror and window film that provides additional safety


Made in Japan

Enjoying Hydrophilic Window Film

Are you looking for a better experience in your bathrooms?

Add safety with
more clarity to your glass shower panels and mirrors.

  • Glass Anti-Shatter Protection - Provides extra safety to protect yourselves and your loved ones from accidents in case of glass shattering

  • Blocks over 99% harmful UV rays - Protect yourselves, your loved ones and your interior

  • Self-cleaning function with water - Save yourself some labor and let water do the work

  • Fogging Prevention - See more clearly for your glass panels and mirrors

  • Stain Prevention - Reduces water marks and other stains including from smoke

  • High Transparency - Undisturbed clarity

  • Easy to retrofit - Easy to add to new or existing glass or mirrors

  • Made in Japan - Quality and Performance

What does Hydrophilic mean?

Hydrophilic comes from the Greek words for water, hydro, and love, philos. This describes the material's, our window film's, affinity to attract water. When the water contact angle with the material is less than 90°, the material is considered hydrophilic. When the water contact angle with the material is greater than 90°, the material repels water and is considered hydrophobic from the Greek words for water, hydro, and fear, phobos.


When the contact angle is less than 20°, there is even a new classification which is superhydrophilic. Our hydrophilic window film creates a water contact angle of 15° or less so we call it our Ultra Hydrophilic Film!

Window Film Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic contact angle

How Does the Ultra Hydrophilic Film Work to Help?

Our Ultra Hydrophilic Glass Film has certain advantages to help make your life better.

  • Low friction - Our Ultra Hydrophilic Film has low friction with water so water will not stick as much and just fall by gravity which helps give the anti-fogging properties.

  • Self-Cleaning - Since the water is attracted strongly to the glass mirror and window film by the superhydrophilic properties, water can go under the dirt or contaminants and flush it down by gravity. This is what is called self-cleaning by water. You can see the action with the image below. Let the water do the work for you so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying!

ultra hydrophilic film self cleaning.png

How Has Our Ultra Hydrophilic Film Helped Customers?

Emerald Hill - Landed Property, Singapore

Ultra Hydrophilic Film was installed for the shower glass panels to reduce cleaning and prevent stains. The special window film keeps the glass panel visually appealing while providing protection in case of glass shattering.

[Miredo Asia] Ultra Hydrophilic Film Installed - Emerald Hill.jpeg
[Miredo Asia] Ultra Hydrophilic Film Installed - Bidadari Park.jpeg

Bidadari - HDB, Singapore

New home bathroom glass mirrors were installed with the Ultra Hydrophilic film to help see clearly after showers with anti-fog properties.

Also, the glass shower panels were installed with the Ultra Hydrophilic Film to save time cleaning while also protecting as safety film against glass breakage from accidents.

Ultra Hydrophilic Window Film Smiling Baby

Looking to reduce stains, watermarks and cleaning with anti-fog and safety features for your mirrors and glass panels?
Our Ultra Hydrophilic Film can be installed for homes, restaurants, smoking rooms and more!

Reach out to us anytime for a free site visit or more information!

We're more than happy to help with your needs! :)

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