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Care222 222nm UV Disinfection help workers

Mirelight Care222 Human-Safe Air & Surface Disinfection Light System

Automated Air & Surface Disinfection to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 & other diseases by Killing Harmful Pathogens
Rapidly & Safely in human-occupied spaces

(compliant for deployment in Singapore and backed  by research and real world usage for efficacy against viruses/bacteria & safety to use around people in public places)


Mirelight is an advanced lighting system from Japan made by Ushio using the latest technology to rapidly kills pathogens including coronaviruses while being safe & harmless to humans.

Because it utilizes patented specially filtered Far UVC 222 nm light which has been shown to be safe for humans, it can be used anywhere, even around people, to effectively & significantly reduce the risk of disease spread.

Are you prepared to prevent COVID-19 and other disease spread in your spaces with the most direct and effective surface and air disinfection?


Introducing the best solution available

The Mirelight Care222

(made in Japan by Ushio)

Technology used in Mirelight Care222 (filtered 222 nm) was featured by the World Health Organization (WHO) as most effective and safe way to reduce risk of COVID-19 and other airborne disease spread

What is Mirelight Care222 Air and Surface Disinfection System?


Special Light System that can Prevent the Spread of Diseases by Safely and Continuously Killing all Harmful Germs Including Coronavirus where People are

Please see our video below for more information on our novel solution that can safely & rapidly kill coronavirus even in human-occupied spaces.

How does Mirelight Care222 Far UVC Kill Viruses and Bacteria?

Mirelight Care222 uses a patented specially filtered Far UVC system with a wavelength of 222 nm.

UV light has been known to disinfect air, surfaces and water for well over 100 years. Such technology has already been applied for disinfecting water and also matured for healthcare and other areas.

UV interacts with bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA to render them harmless.

之前: Before: 之后: After: 紫外线 Incoming 光子照射 UV photon

What Makes Mirelight Care222 Different and Safe to Use Around People?

It's all in the wavelength. Ultraviolet C or UV-C is any wavelength between 100 nm and 280 nm. Traditional UV-C used for disinfection has been 254 nm. However, 254 nm wavelengths damage our skin and eyes.

UV Far UVC UV-C Spectrum

Mirelight Care222 uses a patented specially filtered Far UV-C system with a wavelength of 222 nm. Through years of research on efficacy and safety, scientists have found that 222 nm is effective at disinfecting pathogens while not being harmful to people.

How does 222 nm differ from 254 nm or other wavelengths?

After years of research, scientists have found that 222 nm is safe to the human skin and eye because it does not penetrate deep into our skin and eyes like 254 nm or other wavelengths.

222 nm Skin Safety

Care222 222nm UV safe for human skin
  • 222 nm wavelength is blocked by  the outermost layer of our skin which doesn't change thickness as children or adults. This outermost layer is called the Stratum corneum and is composed of dead cells which continually comes off our body and gets replaced so 222 nm does not cause any long-term effects.

  • 254 nm or other wavelengths penetrate deep into our skin causing burns, skin cancer, and damage to the DNA in our skin cells.

222 nm Eye Safety

Care222 222nm UV safe for human eye
  • 222 nm wavelength is blocked by  the outermost layer of our eye called the tear film layer which doesn't contain any living tissues so there are no long-term effects.

  • 254 nm or other wavelengths penetrate deep into our eyes causing keratitis, cataracts, and severe eye damage.

Are all 222 nm UV Devices Safe?

While 222 nm wavelength is safe, typical 222 nm excimer lamps still produce harmful wavelengths. Only the Mirelight Care222 lamp has the special patented filter to remove the longer harmful wavelengths.


As seen by the spectrum below, other 222 nm devices still have wavelengths harmful for the human body or filters that might still leak out harmful wavelengths at different angles. In fact, most of the scientific studies done by published research articles have lamps using Care222 so if you are looking for proven safe and effective 222 nm solutions, then only choose the Mirelight Care222.

Care222 spectrum 222nm japan human-safe UV

Don't compromise your or other people's safety with other unproven 222 nm devices.


Only look for the Mirelight Care222 for the 222 nm Far UVC device that's safe for people!

Miredo Asia is the partner of Care222 and authorized distributor of Ushio
(pioneer and patent right holder for human-safe 222nm Far UVC system)

How Has Mirelight Care222 Helped Businesses in Singapore?

Interlace Condo Clinic, Singapore

Keeping doctor and staff safe from COVID-19 and other diseases. Patients feel more reassurance and peace of mind to come because there is constant surface & air disinfection to prevent COVID-19 and other disease spread. Furthermore, Mirelight has helped increase patient visits. (more info)

interlace condo mirelight care222 surface & air disinfection with human-safe 222nm far uv
Mirelight Care222 at MOM office_edited_edited.jpg

Government Office Building, Singapore

Office workers wanted protection against viruses and bacteria using a technology backed by real science. Mirelight operated silently and automatically in the background continuously disinfecting air and surfaces to give workers reassurance so they can focus on their work without providing any disruptions. Lowers chances of sicknesses from common flu and colds as well increasing worker's wellness.

Meeting Room, Singapore

Mirelight was installed in the meeting room and continuously disinfected viruses and bacteria in the air and on the meeting room table. Manual cleaning only reduces the harmful pathogens right after but Mirelight continuously disinfects keeping the harmful pathogens low. Adopting Mirelight helped reduce manual cleaning and helped make frequent use of the meeting room safer with less manually disinfection needed between use. This helped increase productivity and efficiency.

Mirelight Care222 222nm UV air and surface disinfection installed in Meeting Room to kill viruses and bacteria
Person Using Laptop

Are you interested to increase safety, peace of mind and visits for your space? Then reduce risk of COVID-19, colds, flus and other disease spread with the most effective and safe disinfection technology - Mirelight.

Why not get in touch with us to learn more with a presentation or for free consultation about setting up Mirelight Care222 system at your space for more safety and reassurance?

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