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#1 Solar Film Singapore - Refleshine Made in Japan by Sumitomo

Sumitomo Refleshine Solar Film for Home and Commercial Windows

Sumitomo Refleshine solar film made in Japan logo

Premium Solar Film for windows and glass facades.

  •  Blocks more than 99% UV & Heat

  • Allows natural lighting

  • Keeps interiors cool

  •  Saves energy

Our solar films are suitable for a variety of residential & commercial applications

Made in Japan by Sumitomo.

Professional Installation Service with

Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Sumitomo Refleshine Clear Solar Film Providing Heat & UV Reduction for Mother and Child

Why Should You Install Refleshine Window Solar Film?

With Refleshine, you can enjoy the natural light from your windows with the best-in-class heat & harmful UV protection getting cooler comfort and safety.

Moreover, Refleshine has proven energy savings which your wallet will thank you for. It basically pays for itself in a few years.

High Visible Light Transparency - Allows aesthetic natural lighting

Blocks over 99% harmful UV rays - Protect yourselves, your loved ones and your interior from harmful UV damage

Rejects Over 95% Infrared Heat - Keeps interiors cool and comfortable with reduced temperatures

Privacy Enhancement and Glare Reduction - Easier viewing from inside while offering more privacy from outside

Cuts electricity bills by 30% or more - Save the environment and your wallet by cutting on cooling and lighting costs

Glass Anti-Shatter Safety Protection - Avoid injuries from accidents - solar window film with best protection (click here to check out videos)

Flame and Fire Resistant - In case of emergencies

Superior scratch-resistant coating - Unmatched durability to stand up to daily wear for years

Made in Japan by Sumitomo - Trusted High Quality Brand with Satisfaction Guaranteed

Comprehensive Warranty - For your peace of mind

Refleshine is the best solar window film for heat & UV blocking with high visibility on the market!

What is the Sumitomo Refleshine Difference?

Refleshine spectrally selective window solar film is durable enough to withstand high-contact environments while providing great views and exceptional UV blocking and heat reduction for excellent comfort and safety.

How Does Sumitomo Refleshine
Reduce Heat Inflow and Provide More Comfort?

Miredo Asia Refleshine solar film window energy saving heat sources heat reduction in house comfort

With $80 per month in cooling bills, you could be saving $300 or more every year by installing Sumitomo Refleshine solar film!


Because Sumitomo Refleshine is proven and trusted by customers all over the world.

Some very satisfied customers are Bvlgari, Aeon Malls, Japan Rail (JR Group), Keio, and many others including hospitals, malls, schools, etc.

Our professionals have installed Sumitomo Refleshine for satisfied commercial users and happy homeowners (HDB, condo, landed) all over Singapore.

Refleshine is the #1 choice for solar films for home windows and #1 choice for solar films for commercial office windows.

Japan Railway JR Solar Film customer
BVLGARI window film Miredo Asia customer
Aeon Window Film Refleshine customer

How Has Refleshine Helped Customers?

BVLGARI @ Orchard, Singapore

Reduced temperatures to provide extra comfort for customers by reducing heat to keep interiors cool and blocking UV to protect interiors and customers.

Refleshine solar window film installed for heat block & comfort at BVLGARI Bulgari Orchard
Sumitomo Riko Office Refleshine Solar Window Film Energy Savings

Sumitomo Office, Japan

Saved significant energy costs reaching up to over 37% energy savings! Saved over $37 for every $100 spent after installing Refleshine.

Uji High School, Kyoto, Japan

Prevented undesired temperature change of 3.5 degrees Celsius creating better environment for students and teachers!

School Refleshine Solar Window Film lower temperature
Sumitomo Clear Solar FIlm for Residential Homes Landed, Condo, HDB


Sumitomo Refleshine Solar Film for Commercial Offices


Sumitomo Refleshine Solar Film for Architectural Glass Windows


Want More Pictures of Refleshine Solar Film Installed?
Check out the Sample Gallery

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What Do Our Customers Say After Installing Sumitomo Solar Film for their Home Windows?

"All our rooms are so much cooler now, the difference is really night and day after installing your Sumitomo film! Even with the aircon off, we'd much rather keep our windows closed now since we usually just get a blast of heat whenever they're open. Our kids are so much more comfortable now. Oh and speaking of which, we've been saving on our monthly aircon bills as well!”

Justin, delighted Refleshine customer from
Lakeville @ Jurong Lake Link (SG)


"I've been waiting for the hot season to hit before I give you feedback on the solar film. But so far it has been very good, very effective for us. The difference has been really significant. Have you had other homeowners enquiring about it?”

David, happy Refleshine customer from
Goldenhill Park @ Mei Hwan Drive (SG)

Clear Solar Film with Child looking at Reflection

Do you want to reduce heat, protect your health and interiors against harmful UV, enhance privacy while saving money and the environment?

Why not get in touch with us now to see a demonstration of Sumitomo Refleshine and get a free quote?

Just contact us for more info. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help with whatever you might need.

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