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Mirecool Solar Window Film
High performance film made in Europe



Low solar gain

With solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) as low as 0.47, and total solar energy rejection as high as 53%, our Mirecool window films help keep you cool indoors all year round.

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Low U, Low E


With U-value as low as 3.27 (single pane float glass typically has a U-value of 5.8), Mirecool films help reduce heat loss in winter, achieving over 95% of the effect of double-glazing at a fraction of the cost!

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High OPTICAL clarity

High transparency

With visible light transmission (VLT) as high as 75%, you don't need to worry about your views or aesthetics being affected.

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Low visible reflection

Low visible reflection means that you will not bother the neighbors. Also, the night views are not affected by indoor lighting.

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High heat reflection

Low solar absorption

Low solar absorption means that the film and the window glass will not get as hot and re-heat the interior, compared to other brands which mainly absorb solar heat.

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Quality assurANCE

Mirecool films are made by our manufacturer in western Europe with decades of experience in window films and coatings. We provide 10 years warranty for our interior films.

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Independent 3rd-party tested

Films are performance tested & verified according to European standards EN410 and EN673 by INISMA Labs.

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Great value

Our films deliver better performance & quality than other name-brand films at a fraction of their cost, helping you to save not just on your air conditioning bills.

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