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Solar Window Film & More


Our Products Enhance Your Quality of Living and Safety

Miredo Asia works directly with globally recognized companies such as Japan's Sumitomo Riko Corporation to give you high quality and innovative products like our premium Refleshine solar window film which reflects heat & UV with the best rejection technology in the market without compromising natural lighting.


Miredo Asia also carries unique products you won't find anywhere else in Singapore such as our wide selection of advanced functional window films, anti-viral & anti-bacterial film coatings and our new human-safe surface & air disinfection light system, Mirelight, which has technology highlighted by WHO and has been vetted & acknowledged by NEA for efficacy & safety to deploy in public places with people around.

Our products have technology backed by real science and have been tested as proven solutions in the real world. Our focus to provide the best products comes from our desire to give you the best value and satisfaction for your money. When you contact us for your needs, you can not only expect high quality long-lasting dependable solutions but also service that provides a long-lasting relationships.

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Solar Film reduce heat & UV for couple

High Quality Premium Solar Film for windows and glass facades.

• Blocks over 99% UV & Heat • Allows natural lighting

• Reduces temperatures & keeps interiors cool

• Saves money & energy

Our window films are suitable for a variety of residential & commercial applications.

Made in Japan by Sumitomo Riko Corporation.

Professional Window Installation with

Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Did you think window films are used only to block heat and UV?

Check out what other possibilities there are with our Advanced Functional Window Films. Some of our special window films can protect against insects (Mireguard RP), have self-cleaning and anti-fogging function with hydrophilic properties for use in bathrooms, or smoking rooms (Ultra Hydrophilic Film) or turn your windows into showcase projection screens for extra utility.

Advanced Window Films being appeciated by business man
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air & surface disinfection airport using mirelight care222

Don't take any chances, especially with the new normal.

Get protected with safe, proven, innovative antiviral solutions that protect you all day everyday. Viruses don't take a break. Neither should your antiviral solutions.

Our newest solution is a human-safe air & surface disinfection lighting system made in Japan and vetted & acknowledged by NEA for efficacy & safety for deployment in public occupied places - Mirelight Care222.

Tested by labs for efficacy and safety. Trusted by companies around the world.

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Who Trusts and Uses Our Products?

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BVLGARI solar film Miredo Asia client
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Panasonic Refleshine window solar film Miredo Asia client
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solar film client - Aeon Group

And Many More!

Keio Railway Refleshine solar window film client
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What Results Do Our Products Achieve?

"Initially we applied Refleshine solar window film for just one floor of our offices. Guess what - the air-con bill for that floor dropped dramatically, some days reaching well over 30%. We still can't believe how much cooler it is and how much we're saving”

Satisfied Commercial user from Aichi, Japan

Why not get in touch with us and get free consultation for solar films, air & surface disinfection solutions or anything else we can help with?

Refleshine solar film protecting child near window from heat and UV

Call/WhatsApp: +65 3138 9012

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